Monday, August 25, 2008

Two In A Row

So I got up early again to go run. This time I actually woke up at 6:00am! I was able to get the full 25 minutes done but I was feeling a little dehydrated near the end. I ended up choosing a flatter course since the Enemy Hill course isn't well lit and doesn't have sidewalks in places. Not a good idea when it's dark out and you don't own any reflective clothing.

Wednesday begins week 8 of the Couch to 5k plan, which means I'm going to be bumping my time up to 28 minutes.

Tomorrow I begin two new routines to balance my running. One is the 100 Push ups Training Program and the second is a series of stretching exercises. I haven't come up with a list of the stretches I need to do yet, so if you have any ideas let me know. Eventually I'll be replacing the stretches with yoga. The community center in my neighborhood offers yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which fits in nicely with my Monday Wednesday Friday/Saturday running schedule.

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