Sunday, August 3, 2008

Running Around Bases

I guess it's fitting that I should start this blog on a day when I'm not scheduled to run. For the most part, Sundays have meant baseball this summer. I made the decision to join an 18+ league after 15 years of not playing the sport. To say it's been a rough go is an understatement but it's been fun and I'm slowly getting to a respectable playing level.

I do have to thank baseball for inspiring me to start running though. I've never been a runner and have always avoided the activity at all costs. That all changed once I stepped on the field and realized how out of shape I was. Thats right, I was too out of shape TO PLAY BASEBALL!

Luckily I found a great beginner's program on the the ol' internets and it's working just fine for now. The plan is called "The Couch-To-5k Running Plan" located at and I highly recommend it for people just starting out.

I just started Week 6 of the 9 week plan and I'm feeling good about my progress. I should be in pretty good shape to run my first goal race in the first week of October.

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PointSpecial said...

Hey Michael... I found your blog on when I was adding my new blog about being a beginning runner too!

I'm a former college athlete... who hasn't done anything in the last 3+ years and who's put on about 60 lbs in that time. Time for me to get my butt in gear and work some of it off!

I too am training for a 5k to get myself going... hopefully we can encourage each other and keep one another going!