Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Facing Reality

My trip to the gym last night was quite an eye-opener. I learned that staying relatively dormant for 3 months completely wipes out the gains I made during the previous 8 months. My goal was to do 3 miles, and I did 3 but only 2 was actually done running. I had to slow down at the 1 mile mark, and then again at the 2 mile. It was pretty disappointing. The only thing I can do is try again Thursday.

My second wake-up call came when I hopped on the scale after my run. 232. I knew I had gained some weight over the holidays, but not that much. I'm hoping a big portion of my gain is water weight, which should come off relatively fast once I get on a regular running schedule again.

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Jason said...

The good new is it comes back much faster when you have done it in the past.