Thursday, September 4, 2008

Strange Times Indeed

Yesterday Dave and I met up for our weekly run. It was super hot out so we avoided big hills. I was doing fine until I hit mile 2 and got a major cramp in my side. After that, we run-walked the last half-mile or so. Pretty disappointing but at least I did something. I also couldn't find my fancy running watch, as it is still packed in a box somewhere in my house, so I ran without one. Strange as it may seem, a watch can be a big motivator so I need to find it before Friday.

I tested my scale again right before I went to bed last night and then right after I woke up this morning. Last night I weighed 219 and this morning I weighed 220. So, not only did I miraculously lose 11 pounds in a couple of days, I gained a pound overnight without eating or drinking anything. Crazy.

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