Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paleo Diet

So I've been contemplating trying out the Paleo diet to see if it will help me lose weight and also ditch some of the intestinal problems I have. I've been doing some research on the diet, the benefits and possible dangers and so far, I think a modified version of the paleo a.k.a. caveman diet would work out well.

Here is what I like about the diet:
Minimal dairy - I'm lactose intolerant, so this would be no problem.
No grains - This will be the hardest to give up, but I've often wondered if I have a gluten allergy.
Meat - I love meat. The diet discourages processed meats like lunch meat, hot dogs and other sausages.
No beans - Beans are usually a problem for me as well, though not necessarily in the "musical fruit" kind of way.
No refined sugar or added salt - makes sense. We all know they are the devil.
Fluxuating consumption - three meals a day isn't natural, and neither is 5 meals a day. Eat when your hungry. Stop when you're not.

Here is what I dislike-
Too much meat - A lot of the paleo bloggers I've read seem to go way overboard on the meat consumption. Even though paleoithic man was not afraid to eat meat, I doubt they ate it in the same consumption/activity ratio that modern paleo dieters are eating today.


kizzy said...

I very eager in switching to this diet, but when I consult my doctor he advice me not to do so, because it it not good to me...

scarlet said...

I heard a lot about this paleo diet, wanted to try it.Thanks for sharing your experience..~ salomon shoes ~